How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast?

    From a medical perspective, hickeys are a mark that looks like a small bruise. It’s a type of contusion that forms as a result of torn blood vessels, typically left after a passionate kiss on the skin.

    To normal boys and girls though, a hickey is a stand-out sign of their activities and its something people don’t always want visible. Once they’re formed, you don’t have a whole lot of options. Most people settle for disguising them using a scarf or whatever else works for them.

    But for people who don’t typically associate themselves with this fashion style, this change in appearance can be just as obvious as the hickey itself. In those cases, there are a few treatments and things you can try to have your hickey removed faster. If you’re in that situation, we have a few tips and methods that will help you out:

    1. Let the area rest

    The first thing you should keep in mind if you get a hickey is that you should leave that area alone until it heals. It works the same as a bruise, so further sexual activity in that zone or even touching/ scratching it will only make it worse.

    If you’re going to wear something around your neck to disguise it, make sure the material is soft and won’t rub too harshly against it.

    2. Use makeup

    One simple solution, depending on how visible your hickey is, would be to use a little bit of makeup and touch up the area in order to mask it. This can be effective if your hickey isn’t all that visible to begin with. However, if this solution doesn’t cut it (or you’re a boy and you’re more skeptical about it), read on to number 3.

    3. Using a hickey remover

    Before taking this approach, please be aware of the potential risks. Not all products that claim to remove hickeys are as good as the package would have you believe.

    When using supplements of any kind on bruises (or anything else for that matter), we should be careful and make sure that the product in question is safe and verified.

    A. Witch hazel has been claimed to work as a remedy against bruises, so you may try placing a bit on your hickey for the next few days. Simply dampen a cloth with the cream and rub carefully over your hickey.

    Please be advised that side-effects of this treatment may cause dizziness, stomach issues and headaches. Do not use the treatment for more than 7 days.

    B. Arinca gel or cream: the substance in this supplement is believed to stimulate healing and minimize the pain of bruising.

    Steer clear of arinca pills, which may be toxic to the heart and increase blood pressure.

    4. Treating your hickey

    If you don’t like the potential risks and side-effects of using those supplements, that’s okay. Treating you hickey naturally won’t make it disappear right away, but it will help speed up the healing process so that you can be done with it more quickly.

    A. Use ice to relieve swelling. Do this more times a day or at least once a day. Most importantly, you should apply ice shortly after you got the hickey. This will help stop it before it can swell to larger proportions.

    B. Warm up a piece of cloth or a towel, then hold it over the area. Heat helps with opening up blood vessels, which can improve blood flow and speed up the healing. Stat with the ice first, then after a few days switch to heat.

    Those are our top choices for this list. Good luck!

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